Jim’s viticulture practices consists of organic and food grade quality fertilizer. This practice greatly reduces the need for insecticides and promotes plant health producing excellent fruit. His philosophy is that “the real work is done in the vineyard”. The winemaking is done in small open top fermenters and is barrel aged for 2-4 years in French, American, or Neutral Oak. The wines are mostly gravity fed and only pumped twice from the field to the bottle which preserves ripe fruit characteristics and prevents bruised fruit.


Jim's wines have bright structures and soft fruit. The wines are also lower in alcohol than most Paso Robles wines and made deliberately so. The focus is to make wines of great quality at affordable prices. Characterisics of  bright structures, soft fruit, and balanced tannins are most noteworthy. 




Bulk Fruit for Purchase

Harvest 2018 October-November

Varietal Cost per Ton Cost per 1/2 ton Cost <1/2 ton
Cabernet Sauvignon $2,600 $1.40/lb. $1.60/lb.
Barbera $2,400 $1.30/lb. $1.50/lb.
Malbec $2,300 $1.25/lb. $1.45/lb.
Petite Sirah $2,200 $1.20/lb. $1.40/lb.
Merlot $2,200 $1.20/lb. $1.40/lb.
Syrah $2,300 $1.25/lb. $1.45/lb.




For more information please email us at info@docerobleswinery.com

or phone the tasting room to talk to Jim at (805) 227-4766.