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Spring 2017 Newletter

May 15th, 2017 @ 09:00am Doce Robles Winery & Vineyard 2017 0

Your Latest Dose of Doce

A double rainbow over the vineyard

Vineyard Vitals

Rain, rain, rain!  We asked for it, and we sure are getting it! The Doce Robles Estate has received over 30 inches already and, as of writing this, we’re expecting more rain.  Expectations for a bountiful harvest are high.  The property is lush and green and saturated and we couldn’t be happier!

The Highway 1 stretch along the Big Sur Coastline has been closed on and off since the beginning of January due to mud and rockslides, downed trees, and crumbling infrastructure.  We have seen more and more displaced visitors in our tasting room this winter, cozying up to the fire and enjoying a glass of wine while they contemplate new travel plans.  We’re happy to host these travelers and lend our knowledge about the beautiful central coast!

Lush green grass on a rainy day



Winemaker’s Notes

** Each barrel was hand-selected for the blends in your shipment ~ Each of these 100% varietals are from the Doce Robles Vineyard**

Please enjoy these food pairing recommendations this spring and summer, and we’d love to hear any feedback you may have!

2011 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Enjoy this bright, flavor-packed Cabernet with grilled red meats or roast pork. We love ours with a bacon and brown sugar roast pork tenderloin.

2011 Estate Syrah For those Saturday barbecues, pair with grilled rosemary zucchini medallions, a spinach wild rice quinoa, and bacon wrapped chicken skewers in a maple-balsamic blackened barbecue sauce.

2011 Estate Merlot For the cold and rainy spring evening, warm up by pairing with French Onion soup and a crusty baguette.

 2012 Sy-Rific-Cab This blend is so versatile, you can pair it with almost any protein or veggie dish.  The-Sy-Rific-Cab is smooth and comforting, we love to pair it with a Garden- Fresh Vegetable Casserole.  Perfect for a mid-summer mid-week meal.

NV Estate Sunset Red IV Another versatile food pairing blend, we call this one our “Backyard BBQ Blend” because it pairs perfectly with friends, smoky red meats and burgers, and summer days.

2012 Estate Zinfandel Enjoy this juicy, elegant Zin with braised ribs and tangy or spicy BBQ sauce.



Genna and Sophie love to work with Jimmy


Critter Corner!

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.”
Dean Koontz

Sophie keeping an eye on the estate

Genna and Sophie have become the best of friends.  They greet each customer with a tail wag, and will even climb onto shuttle buses that show up.  Both girls love to keep Jimmy company while he’s on the tractor, and they can sometimes be spotted chasing deer through the vineyard. 

Sophie continues to grow quickly.  Currently, she and Genna are the same size and look almost identical.  We are waiting to see how much bigger she will get!

Minnie the Kitty, as usual, spent her winter in the tasting room.  She tolerates the obnoxious dogs, but when things get too rowdy, she opens up a cupboard, hops in, and hides for a few hours!

Minnie observes the tasting room from a high perch



Parties, Festivals, Charity Events, & More...

Rising Moon Sunset Series

Mark your calendars! This year’s events are bound to be even better than before! Live music, delicious food, amazing wines, great company, and gorgeous vineyard sunset views!  Don’t forget Jimmy’s vineyard hayrides!

See insert for dates, and put that beautiful picture on your fridge so you don’t forget to attend!

Highway 46 West Group Block Parties

The 46 West Block Party is a wine tasting with the member wineries of the 46 West in a casual 'mini-wine festival' atmosphere, along with great grub and rockin' live music to dance the night away to...all for $46 per person!  This is one of the more popular events on the Central Coast and should not be missed.  Tickets available online at or by following the link on our Facebook page.

Summer Block Party - Castoro Cellars July 1

Harvest Block Party - Dark Star Cellars September 2

Maribeth’s Kentucky Derby Party

It’s a safe bet to say you won’t want to miss our party on race day!  We’ll provide the southern snacks and mint juleps, you bring your hat!  RSVP by calling the tasting room and join us May 6!

Atascadero Lakeside Wine Festival

One of our favorite events, this festival is sprawled across the park with a full and lovely lake as the backdrop. The proceeds benefit the Charles Paddock Zoo.  Bring a lawn chair, enjoy the music, and stop by our booth on June 24!



Charity Events

 We will be pouring for…

4th Annual P.E.O. Wine Auction to benefit Educational Scholarships, Grants and Loans for Women       April 1

18th Annual Central Coast Firefighters’ Charity Golf Tournament benefitting The Burn Foundation April 24

And donating to…

North County Humane Society

Vaqueras del Camino

Lancaster West Rotary Club

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