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Fall 2016 Newletter

November 15th, 2016 @ 10:00am Doce Robles Winery & Vineyard 2016 0

Your Latest Dose of Doce

Hazy days caused by smoke from the Chimney Fire



Vineyard Vitals

     The summer of 2016 was fire season.  It seemed that every week, a new fire or two had erupted somewhere in California.  Paso Robles experienced smoky skies and poor air quality for over a month which worsened when the Chimney Fire broke out.  Concerns for smoke taint and charred vineyards arose, and the fire attained national attention when it began moving towards Hearst Castle.  A huge thank you to the fire fighters that worked so hard to quickly put the fire out and get our skies and lives back to normal.

Harvest at the Doce Robles Vineyard began the last week of September and is expected to continue through the beginning of November.  The grapes look marvelous and taste delicious!


Left: Harvested Merlot grapes wait for the sorting table

Right: A smoky horizon during the fiery days of August



Winemaker’s Notes

** Each barrel was hand-selected for the blends in your shipment ~ Each of these 100% varietals are from the Doce Robles Vineyard**

2010 Barbera A wine known for its versatility with food pairing, this is the bottle to take when you’re headed to dinner but don’t know what you’re eating.  Although it goes with virtually anything, lately we’ve been enjoying classic Italian dishes with our Barbera.  Try it with the Cahoots Italian Sausage Lasagna (cookbooks available in our tasting room!) and don’t be afraid to add a little Barbera to the sauce. 

2010 Zinfandel Enjoy this juicy, elegant Zin with braised ribs and tangy or spicy BBQ sauce.

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon Enjoy this bright, flavor-packed Cabernet with grilled red meats or roast pork. We like ours with a bacon and brown sugar roast pork tenderloin.

2010 Sangiovese Enjoy this with nearly all Italian cuisine. Especially those dishes that are loaded with red sauce, meat and cheese.  This Sangiovese is also great for sipping while you snack on cured sausages and hard cheeses.

2011 Syrah Try with slow-roasted barbeque pork seasoned with pepper and cumin.

2011 Merlot Keep it simple with a chargrilled steak, or spice things up with a jambalaya.

Bottling the Syrah, Merlot, & other varietals in September



Critter Corner!

Please welcome Sophie Ann Von Jacobsen, the newest addition to Doce Robles Winery & Vineyard!  Born July 11, our sweet little bundle of fur is friendly, intelligent, and currently learning how to use her sharp needle-like chompers!


Left: Genna Rose & Sophie Ann relax on a hot afternoon

Right: Genna quickly taught Sophie how to be a “big dog” & drink out of the horse trough


Genna has been teaching Sophie the do’s and don’ts of being a winery dog:

     DO greet the customers with kisses

     DO eat the grapes off of the vine

     DO beg for cookies at 5:00 when Daddy Jimmy comes in for a glass of wine

     DON’T listen to Daddy Jimmy when he says grapes aren’t for doggies

     DON’T listen to Mama Maribeth when she says kitty food isn’t for doggies

     DON’T listen to the girls in the tasting room unless they have a cookie

I Spy: Minnie the Kitty in the barrel room

Minnie has fully established her seasonal routines.  She spent the summer in the winery and barrel room, catching rodents and fattening up.  She’ll be back in the tasting room soon enough to bask in the love of wine drinkers and thin out while on her cat food-only diet.  Stop by this fall or winter to pet Minnie, have your ankles chomped by Sophie, and to give Genna some belly rubs. Woof!



Parties, Festivals, Charity Events, & More...

Guests enjoying a sunset hayride through the vineyards

We’d love to host your party! Contact the tasting room if you’d like to hold your party or wedding overlooking the Doce Robles Vineyard.



2016 Wrap Up:

Between the Rising Moon Sunset Series, Maribeth’s Kentucky Derby Party, the 46 West Block Parties, the charity events we poured for, and the festivals we attended, 2016 was busy for the Doce Robles crew!  We hope everyone that joined us had a blast, and we look forward to seeing new and familiar faces next year.  Keep an eye on your inbox for our 2017 event calendar, and in the meantime, keep up with events, pictures, and winery shenanigans on our Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

Cheers! Costumed wine lovers enjoying the new Jacobsen deck & Albariño Juleps during the Kentucky Derby Party

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